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Blockchain and Crypto Portal

Single Portal for crypto industry aiming to drive adoption of crypto and blockchain technology worldwide with services suited both for individuals and businesses where funds are fully under control by users.

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Bitupper — is a search

You can search for blocks, transactions and addresses of Blockchains like Bitcoin and Litecoin. Elegant and simple search to navigate easily.

And it is true, we support Segwit adoption. You can search for your bech32 addresses on Bitupper.

Already working for you
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Bitupper — is a Block Explorer for Bitcoin and Litecoin

Meet the new Block Explorer for Bitcoin and Litecoin, it is as fast as lightning, as beautiful as Merlin Monroe, as friendly as Jim Carrey. Bitupper made the most difficult things simple and efficient. Bitcoin and Litecoin blockchain with us has become convenient.

Обозреватель Bitcoin or Обозреватель Litecoin
Bitupper Explorer landing page for Bitcoin
Bitupper Explorer landing page for Bitcoin
In development

More Services Soon!

Bitupper is growing, more services are already in development. Multicurrency Wallet, Cryprocurrency Payment Processor, News - gathering service and advertising network will soon be launched.

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